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"Whether you are looking for secondary investment or liquidity, MH Partners is the right choice"

Who We Are

MH Partners is a Hong Kong-based professional service provider that offers value-creating and hands-on financial, strategic and operational advisory services to late stage venture capital and growth companies.

We provide investors with a range of strategies to deploy in the fastest growing, most powerful businesses in the world. 

We aim to redefine growth investing by going the extra mile as we believe every step makes a difference to our investors.

Our proprietary access and expertise allow us to identify - and then secure meaningful positions in - the companies we believe will grow at the fastest rate for the longest time.

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Secondary Direct Investment

We are the leading secondary direct placement agent and liquidity provider with a focus on TMT, Biotech, Agri-tech, Fin-tech and healthcare. 

We address the inefficiencies in the VC/PE landscape with flexible liquidity solutions by providing access and opportunity to invest directly into companies and indirectly through limited partnership interests.

Secondary Transactions

A secondary transaction involves an ownership transfer from the current to a new owner. We specialize in sourcing and structuring private equity direct investment and limited partnership interests from investors who are looking to capitalize an earlier investment they made to an investor who is looking for an opportunity to enter.

Secondary transactions occur across all investment strategies, regardless of type or stage of maturity.Sellers choose to liquidate assets for a variety of reasons, including being overweight in an asset class, rebalancing a portfolio geographically, locking in early returns or satisfying regulatory requirements. Secondary transactions occur across all investment strategies, regardless of type or stage of maturity – late stage VC to late stage investing.

Since our foundation, the secondary market has developed into a vibrant and sophisticated marketplace providing liquidity to all types of private equity investors.

Why Partner With Us

Our success is built upon your success and your trust in us. As the trusted long-term partner and advisor of our clients, every relationship matters to us, and upholding the highest integrity standard is at the core of our business.
Our extensive global relationships with both financial and strategic capabilities will help you identify your partner(s) of choice for your business.

Our team has strong relationships with strategic investors in the sectors in which they specialize, and have extensive relationships with large and small private equity firms, investment banks, family offices SWFs, pensions, insurances, and high net worth individuals.


MH Partners is owned entirely by members of the team. Fundraising and placement is our only business and we are entirely dedicated to the successful completion of a limited number of placement mandates. Our business model only works with successful outcomes for our clients.

Each mandate represents both a significant allocation of MH Partners resources and a substantial economic event, ensuring our full commitment and a total alignment of interests with our clients.

About Us

MH Partners provides clients with access to qualified investors worldwide, without placing a significant drain on internal resources and unnecessary distraction from their core business of managing portfolio investments. 

Our team has an extensive network of local market channels covering active investors in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Russia. These relationships cross all types of large institutional investors including public and private pension funds, insurance companies, funds of funds, banks, consultants, foundations, endowments, family offices, asset managers, and corporate balance sheet investors.

Our services include cross border M&A sourcing, private placements, and liquidity provision for early exits. In addition, we are the Asian partner of various VC/PE, M&A advisory firms, helping them extend their global reach.

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